With new and exciting advancements in weight loss medications, ABC|Medical is pleased to offer this service to our patients.
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Adelaide Bariatric Centre has been providing an integrated health approach to patient care for 20 years. With new and exciting weight loss medications now available, ABC is pleased to offer these to patients not seeking surgery or for those who have had surgery and need extra support.

Adelaide Bariatric Centre | Medical provides the same holistic care with a new focus.  We offer a range of medications, lower carbohydrate dietary education and lifestyle and behavioural support.

  • 3 month programme
  • 3x sessions with bariatric physician for medical weigh management
  • 3x dietitian visits to educate about lower carb eating
  • 2x lifestyle/behavioural support sessions with our clinical nurse specialist to improve your relationship to food and activity
  • Bioimpedance scale body composition analysis at week 1 and week 12
  • Copy of CSIRO low carb diet Easy 100 recipe book

Book an appointment with our bariatric physician for initial assessment, investigations and the development of a personalised treatment plan.

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