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We know that bariatric surgery produces significant and sustained weight loss in most patients. We also know however that 15% of patients will experience a degree of weight regain. Frequently this is due to poor patient choices. Weight loss surgery is an important tool but it does not work in isolation. None of our operations will prevent a patient from eating or drinking alcohol, ice cream, chocolate, soft drink and lollies, particularly if the patient is motivated by something other than hunger.

In this sense bariatric surgery should not be considered an “easy option” as the patient will have to continue to make sensible food choices. For patients struggling with their dietary choices we have dietitians and clinical psychologists who can continue to provide support and education.

A small percentage of patients however will continue to experience weight regain despite making correct food choices. In this instance it may be appropriate to consider an alternative operation. At Adelaide Bariatric Centre we have developed experience converting gastric bands to both sleeve gastrectomies and gastric bypasses laparoscopically (“keyhole”) with very good results. We also have experience converting sleeve gastrectomies to gastric bypass laparoscopically. Gastric bypasses can be in some instances restapled or endoscopically revised, again something we have developed experience in over the years at Adelaide Bariatric Centre.

These operations however can be complex and careful consideration and discussion needs to take place between you and your surgeon before it is deemed appropriate.

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