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Every wondered how and why weight loss surgery works? We explain below.

Laparoscopic (“keyhole”) surgery and surgical staplers are used to remove part of the stomach. The sleeve gastrectomy doesn’t involve the insertion of any foreign bodies but rather is a refashioning by removal of a portion of the stomach using surgical staplers. This leaves the patient with a new stomach shaped as a narrow tube or “sleeve” that has a reduced capacity of 100 ml (half a cup). This is a 90% reduction in the volume of the stomach. This procedure has been performed in Australia since the mid 2000s and is conducted under general anaesthetic.

The sleeve gastrectomy works mainly through restriction. Improved portion control and restriction is achieved through the 90% reduction in the volume of the stomach. The sleeve gastrectomy also results in less production of the appetite- regulating hormone, Ghelin. This may lessen your desire to eat.

Any operation to help with weight loss is only as effective as the lifestyle changes that go with it. Good food choices as well as regular exercise are still necessary. Remember that success with weight control is characterised by 3 small meals per day of lean source protein, low starch carbohydrate, adequate fruits and vegetables and aiming for keeping caloric intake below 1500 calories per day. The sleeve gastrectomy with reduced hunger and early satiety gives people a powerful tool to help with long term weight loss. It is unlike being on a diet.

We have a whole page dedicated to this procedure. Check it out at: https://adelaidebariatriccentre.com.au/services/sleeve-gastrectomy/

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