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After any bariatric surgery the capacity of your stomach/bowel to accept food is much smaller, hence the amount of food you can consume is very small. It is therefore difficult to meet vitamin and mineral requirements from food alone. If you have had a gastric bypass some nutrients aren’t as well absorbed either.

This is the reason why you must complement your healthy diet with a multivitamin, to make sure there are enough nutrients ingested so you can meet your requirements. 

But also, be careful with how much you have and what you have. Not all multivitamins are the same and don’t always have all the nutrients you need. Sometimes people take extra vitamins and minerals that can affect absorption of other nutrients when in excess. 

Recommended multivitamins after bariatric surgery:

  • BN Multi
  • Fit for me

These multivitamins have been specifically designed for bariatric surgical patients and contain all the nutrients you require. Both of these brands can be purchased through our rooms or online.

Be aware if you are taking extra Calcium, that you take it at a different time from iron supplements.  When taken together, the calcium reduces the absorption of iron by up to 50%. It is best to leave 1-2 hours between each supplement.

Supplements you should avoid when on multivitamins after surgery:  

  • Hair, skin & nail supplements, as most of them have an excess in zinc and that can affect absorption of other minerals.  
  • Magnesium supplements: depending on the brand, they might come with excess vitamin B6, which has been proven to be toxic in high levels and can cause neuropathy.  

If you have any questions around what is best for you after surgery our dietitians, surgeons and nurse are always here to answer your questions.

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