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How does the Gastric Bypass work?

Roux-en Y Gastric Bypass (RNYGB) combines restriction with malabsorption which results in durable and significant weight loss. The Adelaide Bariatric Centre is one of the few clinics in Adelaide that offer the gastric bypass as a laparoscopic or keyhole procedure. Keyhole procedures results in a superior recovery compared with a traditional open or minilap operation.

Weight loss is achieved through the following mechanisms:

  1. Early satiety is induced by the small gastric pouch.
  2. Patients become intolerant to sweets as the rapid presence of sugar in the small bowel leads to unpleasant symptoms called “dumping”. Hence there is a tendency to avoid sweet and fatty foods.
  3. Most importantly the operation results in suppression of appetite. This is thought to occur due to the rapid entry of foods into the small bowel which evokes a hormonal effect that induces satiety. It is thought that a similar hormonal response is responsible for the 75% cure rate of type II diabetes following gastric bypass.

First and foremost the Roux en Y gastric bypass achieves weight loss. Significant weight loss will then have an effect on the physical and psychological consequences of obesity. These effects however are not as predictable as the weight loss.

For most patients gastric bypass will result in the loss of 65 to 75% of excess weight which means you will still be a little overweight but will have lost enough weight to reduce your obesity related risk profile to that approximating the normal population.

We have a whole page dedicated to this topic. Check it out at: https://adelaidebariatriccentre.com.au/services/gastric-bypass-surgery/

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